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What is Headshots AI?

Headshots AI is an innovative AI-powered platform that allows users to generate professional headshots in minutes. Designed for individuals and professionals looking to enhance their online presence, Headshots AI leverages advanced AI technology to create high-definition headshots that are perfect for social profiles, resumes, and professional portfolios.

With Headshots AI, users can easily upload 4+ high-quality selfies that meet certain criteria, such as being front-facing with one person in the frame and no glasses or hats. Once the images are uploaded, the AI technology gets to work, utilizing its magic to process and enhance the uploaded images. Users will receive an email notification when their generated headshots are ready.

The resulting headshots from Headshots AI are stunning and can greatly elevate one's online presence. Whether you're an individual looking to make a strong impression or a professional seeking frequent updates to your profiles, Headshots AI offers different pricing options to suit your needs. The available options include:


  • 1 Credit
  • Includes 4 AI Headshots


  • 3 Credits
  • Includes 12 AI Headshots


  • 5 Credits
  • Includes 20 AI Headshots

Headshots AI is trusted by professionals worldwide for its quick and efficient process. The platform ensures that users can effortlessly obtain high-quality headshots that reflect their professionalism and help them stand out in various online settings.

Powered by Leap AI, Supabase, Replit, and Vercel, Headshots AI combines the power of AI technology with open-source solutions to deliver an exceptional user experience. It offers a seamless interface that makes the entire process from uploading images to receiving the final headshots convenient and hassle-free.

Github repo:

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Headshots AI AI tool was published in our directory on October 8, 2023. Last updated: October 9, 2023.

What people are saying about Headshots AI

Here is an open-source generative AI application. It uses AI to generate professional headshots in minutes. It's an excellent opportunity for developers who want to see an end-to-end generative AI app from the inside. It's free, and it's all in GitHub:

A screenshot of the GitHub page of the project.

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