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AI Tool Description

Metaview is an AI-powered tool created specifically for recruiters and interviewers to streamline the interview process. By automating note-taking, Metaview generates accurate and concise summaries of candidate conversations and answers, allowing recruiters to focus on essential aspects of the interaction.

This tool syncs seamlessly with existing tools and video conferencing platforms and is fully customizable to suit individual preferences and requirements. It also prioritizes data privacy compliance and utilizes AI learning for continuous improvement over time.

Key Features

  • Automated Note-taking
  • Integration and Compatibility
  • Customizable Templates
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Continuous Learning

Use Cases

  • Recruiters and hiring managers seeking an efficient and automated note-taking solution for interviews
  • Interviewers looking to focus more on candidate interactions rather than extensive note-taking
  • HR professionals aiming to streamline the interview process and improve post-interview evaluations
  • Companies and organizations that prioritize data privacy and compliance
  • Teams conducting remote or virtual interviews via video conferencing platforms.
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