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What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is a free generative AI writing tool that helps users enhance and improve their writing by providing suggestions and corrections. With millions of users, Wordtune is trusted for its ability to rewrite and rephrase text, ensuring high-quality written content across emails, articles, messages, and more.


  • Grammar and spelling correction: Wordtune eliminates grammar and spelling mistakes, allowing users to deliver professionally written work free of errors. The AI-powered tool uses advanced algorithms to provide recommendations that improve the clarity and correctness of the text.
  • AI-generated suggestions: By leveraging its generative AI capabilities, Wordtune offers fluency and composition recommendations, enabling users to write more effectively. It assists in crafting captivating sentences and helps users find the right language to articulate their thoughts.
  • Time-saving assistance: Wordtune optimizes the writing process and saves valuable time. Users can compose content faster and spend less time editing and correcting mistakes. This AI tool has been reported to speed up writing tasks by up to 15%, providing significant productivity gains.

In short:

  • Rewording and rephrasing assistance
  • Summarization of long documents
  • Chrome extension and app interface
  • iOS keyboard for AI rephrasing


Jonathan Kessler, Social Media Team Lead at Imagen, describes Wordtune as an essential copywriting assistant that has saved their team 70% of the time spent brainstorming and editing captions.

Barak Cohen, Learning & OD Manager, highlights that Wordtune speeds up their entire writing process by 15% while improving the quality and fluidity of their messages.

Tomer Ben-Arye, Support Operations Manager, credits Wordtune for improving their customer satisfaction score (CSAT) by 30% by helping translate technical language into clear and understandable content.

Daniel Somers, CEO, attests that Wordtune is instrumental in speeding up the writing process by 20% daily, allowing them to save several hours of work.

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Wordtune AI tool was published in our directory on July 15, 2023. Last updated: November 5, 2023.

What people are saying about Wordtune

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5 Reliable Writing Tools that I Use For YouTube & Twitter: 1. Writesonic — Write tweets, YT Video descriptions 2. Wordtune — Rephrase sentences for clarity 3. Hemingway — Improve readability 4. Grammarly — Go-to grammar checker 5. Headline Studio — Make quality headlines


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