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The ChatGPT PROMPTs Splitter is an open-source tool designed to safely process chunks of up to 15,000 characters per request for ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. This tool allows users to split long prompts into smaller, manageable parts before sending them for processing by ChatGPT.


  • Process large text blocks: The ChatGPT PROMPTs Splitter enables the safe and efficient processing of lengthy prompts that exceed the maximum character limit of ChatGPT.
  • Open-source tool: This tool is open-source, meaning it is freely available for use, modification, and distribution by the community.
  • Customizable chunk length: Users can choose the maximum length for each split part, allowing flexibility in managing the prompt division.

How It Works

To use the ChatGPT PROMPTs Splitter, simply enter the long prompt that needs to be split into smaller parts. Additionally, specify the desired maximum length for each split part, either opting for the general max safe chunk of 15,000 characters or selecting a custom value.

This tool provides a convenient solution for interacting with ChatGPT while adhering to the defined character limits.


The ChatGPT PROMPTs Splitter is especially beneficial for developers, researchers, and data scientists who utilize ChatGPT for text generation tasks. By effectively managing and processing longer prompts, users can harness the full potential of the ChatGPT model for a wide range of applications.

Created By

The ChatGPT PROMPTs Splitter was created with ❤️ by, who has developed this tool to enhance the usability and functionality of ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT PROMPTs Splitter AI tool was published in our directory on August 23, 2023. Last updated: September 8, 2023.

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