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What is Midjourney Prompt Helper?

The Midjourney Prompt Helper (Wizard) is a free AI-powered tool provided by PromptFolder that assists users in creating powerful midjourney prompts. With this tool, users can easily generate beautiful images by inputting their desired specifications.

Users can choose the aspect ratio of their images from various options like 1:1, 5:4, 3:2, 7:4, 16:9, 2:1, 9:16, and 1:2. They can also select the version of the prompt they want, with options ranging from 5.2 to 1 niji. The tool allows users to stylize, add chaos, stop, repeat, or make the prompt weird to suit their creative vision. Additionally, users can choose whether or not to tile the image and specify a seed or exclusion.

The Midjourney Prompt Helper offers several categories and options for further customization, including styles, lighting, camera, artists, colors, and materials. Users can clear all their selections and edit the prompt name as needed. They can also save their prompts for later use and move them to specific folders.

The tool supports various image qualities such as 16-bit, 1800s, 1980s, 4-bit, 8-bit, amber, anatomical drawing, ancient, anime, antimatter, Arabic, black hole, blocky, blueprint drawing, carbon fiber, Caribbean, and many more.

Whether users are seeking inspiration for artistic projects or require unique images for their designs, the Midjourney Prompt Helper provides an efficient and user-friendly solution to generate visually appealing prompts.


  • Easy generation of midjourney prompts
  • Customizable aspect ratios
  • Multiple versions of prompts to choose from
  • Stylization and creative options
  • Tiling options
  • Seed and exclusion settings
  • Customizable image qualities
  • Saving and organizing prompts in folders
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MidJourney Prompt Helper AI tool was published in our directory on September 9, 2023. Last updated: September 9, 2023.

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