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AI Tool Description

Supertranslate is an innovative app that allows users to add accurate English subtitles to any video in over 100 languages, with just one click.

Using OpenAI's Whisper, the most accurate speech-to-text system in the world, Supertranslate can handle background noise, language mixing, and accents. The app is ideal for anyone seeking to make videos accessible to English-speaking audiences.


  • English subtitles for any language video
  • Compatible with 100+ languages
  • One-click functionality
  • Whisper technology ensures accuracy

Use Cases:

  • Making foreign-language videos accessible to English-speaking audiences
  • Creating English subtitles for videos in various languages
  • Adding accurate subtitles to videos for business or educational purposes


  • Speech-to-text
  • Language accessibility
  • Automatic English subtitles


  • text-writing/paraphraser
  • video-animation/personalized-videos
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