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timeOS is the first time-aware AI built directly into your daily workflows. It is an advanced AI tool designed to streamline your meeting experience by automating tasks such as capturing notes, conducting follow-ups, scheduling, and attending meetings.

With timeOS, you can accurately capture meeting notes, automate follow-up actions, and identify action items using AI. The tool seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. It automatically generates meeting summaries, saving you time and effort.

Key Features

  • Note-taking: Experience the most accurate note-taking experience ever built, regardless of the language you speak. timeOS integrates with your calendar and video conferencing platforms to automatically generate meeting notes and summaries, allowing you to be more present in meetings.
  • Action Items: Easily turn discussions into actions. After a meeting, timeOS analyzes assigned action items and syncs them with tools like Notion, ClickUp, Asana, and Slack, ensuring you never miss a task.
  • Follow-up Emails: timeOS drafts follow-up emails that sound like you wrote them. After every meeting, your AI creates a personalized follow-up email that you can fine-tune and send via Gmail in a single click.
  • Skipping Meetings: In an age of increasing distractions, timeOS makes it socially acceptable to skip a meeting without missing any crucial details. Your AI teammate can attend meetings on your behalf and provide you with summaries and action items.
  • Integrations: timeOS seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Notion, ClickUp, Asana, and Slack, enhancing your daily workflows and routines.
  • Security-first Approach: Privacy and trust are paramount with timeOS. The tool employs secure hosting, encrypted data transmission (AES-256 encryption), and ensures user control over data, allowing you to delete your data at any time.

Use Cases

  • Professionals and teams seeking a more efficient and productive meeting experience.
  • Individuals who want to automate note-taking, follow-up actions, and scheduling.
  • Anyone looking to save time and stay organized by leveraging AI-powered meeting assistance.

Discover the benefits of timeOS and reclaim your time by automating and optimizing your meeting processes.

Try timeOS now and experience the power of personalized AI for your meetings!

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timeOS AI tool was published in our directory on September 14, 2023. Last updated: October 9, 2023.

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