Waifu Labs

What is Waifu Labs ?

Waifu Labs is a state-of-the-art AI-powered platform that generates custom anime portraits. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to understand user preferences and create perfect character illustrations in just four easy steps. The platform offers an innovative solution for anime enthusiasts and artists looking to bring their ideas to life.

With Waifu Labs, users can generate personalized anime characters that align with their creative vision. The platform's neural network has been trained to paint waifus and husbandos, continuously improving the quality of the generated artwork over the course of two years. The AI learns to draw by practicing and repeating similar to how a human artist evolves their skills.


  • Custom Anime Portraits: Create unique and visually appealing anime characters that match your preferences.
  • Easy Steps: Generate personalized character illustrations in just four simple steps.
  • Game Integration: Utilize your characters in games, such as Arrowmancer, by importing them from Waifu Labs.
  • Social Community: Share your creations and connect with other anime enthusiasts on Twitter using the #WaifuLabs hashtag.

The Waifu Labs project is developed by Sizigi Studios, a small team consisting of MIT researchers and artists. Their expertise in deep learning anime and passion for pushing the frontiers of creativity is reflected in the platform. As an art-focused AI tool, Waifu Labs opens up new possibilities for artists, content creators, and fans of anime to explore their imagination and bring their ideas to life.

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Waifu Labs AI tool was published in our directory on October 29, 2023. Last updated: October 29, 2023.

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