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AI Tool Description

Chatbot UI is an advanced chatbot kit for OpenAI chat models that mimics the interface and functionality of ChatGPT, allowing users to easily plug in their API key and enjoy advanced conversational capabilities. With a customizable appearance and behavior, Chatbot UI is perfect for use cases spanning entertainment to education to communications.

Some key features and advantages of Chatbot UI include:

  • Plug-and-play API key integration,
  • Advanced chatbot capabilities courtesy of OpenAI chat models,
  • A ChatGPT-like interface and functionality,
  • Customizable appearance and behavior,
  • And seamless integration with websites, apps, and other platforms.

Users may leverage Chatbot UI for a range of purposes, such as serving as a virtual tutor or study aid, as well as a fun and interactive chatbot experience for entertainment purposes.


  • Advanced chatbot capabilities
  • ChatGPT-like interface and functionality
  • Customizable appearance and behavior
  • Easily plugged in with API key
  • Integrable with various websites, apps, and other platforms
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Last updated: October 29, 2023.

What people are saying about Chatbot UI

Okay, so I just found Chatbot UI! ChatGPT's ease + Playground's flexibility... Unlimited GPT-4! (pay as you go)

Tari Ibaba
Tari Ibaba

OpenAI playground looking more and more like the superior way to use GPT to me... - Unlimited GPT-4 - Pay as you go - Customize chatbot with system message - Change creativity with temperature - Remove and edit responses at will What more to ask?


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