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Loom AI

Loom AI

Loom AI is an advanced AI-powered video messaging platform offered by Loom. It is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency by providing automated features that improve the quality of video content, streamline workflows, and optimize communication.

Instantly Better Looms

With Loom AI, users can enhance their video messages significantly. The AI-powered features offered by Loom AI include:

  • Titles: Loom AI generates customized video titles that increase views and viewer engagement. It ensures that your message lands with a better, AI-generated title.
  • Summaries: Loom AI creates AI-powered summaries of your video right after you record, making it easy to convey your message effectively.
  • Chapters: Loom AI automatically creates chapters for each important topic in your video, allowing viewers to navigate and access specific content easily.
  • Tasks: Loom AI intelligently identifies and assigns action items based on the content of your video, enabling seamless collaboration and task management.

Additional Features

Loom AI also offers additional features to further improve the video creation process:

  • Filler Word Removal: Seamlessly remove ums and ahs from your videos, enabling a more polished presentation.
  • Silence Removal: Automatically identify and trim long, silent pauses in recordings, allowing for a smoother flow and reducing the need for re-recording.

Future AI-Powered Features

Loom is continuously innovating and developing new AI-powered features to enhance the video creation experience. Some upcoming features include:

  • Auto-add a CTA button to suggest a custom call-to-action for your audience.
  • Auto-add thumbnails to maximize views by suggesting compelling thumbnail images.
  • AI-powered talking points generation to help with prompt-based content creation.
  • Edit transcript to trim video by deleting specific portions of the transcript.
  • Voice and cam avatars for text-to-speech and facial avatars, enabling updates without re-recording.
  • Turn one Loom into many by using a single recording to generate personalized versions with variables.

Language Support

Loom AI supports over 50 languages, including español, deutsch, português, русский, français, nederlands, 日本語, українська, and many more. This language support ensures a diverse and inclusive user experience for global users.

Pricing and Availability

Loom AI is available as part of the Loom AI Suite, which can be added to paid plans (Business or Enterprise) for $4 per creator per month billed annually, or $5 per creator per month billed monthly. The AI features are accessible to all creators and admins within the workspace.

Data Usage and Privacy

Loom AI uses OpenAI to generate titles and summaries. Only transcript data in the form of text files is shared with OpenAI, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of users' full videos and audio. Loom follows strict privacy and security controls and has executed Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) with its subprocessors.

Customer Feedback

Loom AI has received positive feedback, with 73% of Loom users finding the AI Suite features extremely or very valuable to their workflows.

Note: The above description is a hypothetical description and does not accurately represent the actual features and capabilities of Loom AI. Please refer to the official Loom website ( for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Loom AI AI tool was published in our directory on September 7, 2023. Last updated: September 7, 2023.

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