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AI Tool Description

Timely is the best AI-powered automatic time tracker on the market. With automatic tracking of web and desktop app usage, you get an accurate and completely private record of how you spend your day. Use Timely to improve productivity, monitor budgets, run smarter projects, and get a complete overview of your team's time.

Key features and benefits:

  • Automatic tracking of every app and website you use
  • Precise daily records of your activities
  • Real-time monitoring of budgets, hours, and activities
  • Complete overview of your team's time
  • 100% private to you

Use cases:

  • Companies in need of accurate time tracking
  • Individuals looking to improve productivity
  • Teams working on projects and in need of time tracking


  • Automatic tracking of app and website usage
  • Real-time monitoring of budgets, hours, and activities
  • Private and secure
  • Complete overview of your team's time
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