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What is Glean?

  • AI Tool Type: Enterprise AI Search and Knowledge Discovery

Glean is an advanced AI-powered enterprise search and knowledge discovery solution designed to enhance productivity and engagement for modern teams. With Glean, teams can search across all company apps, find relevant information, and discover valuable knowledge effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered Workplace Search: Utilizing generative AI and deep learning-based Language Models (LLMs), Glean enables semantic understanding for natural language queries. It continuously trains on a company's unique language and context to improve search relevance without requiring manual fine-tuning. Glean's AI is grounded in a company's trusted knowledge model, ensuring workplace productivity is unlocked.
  • Generative AI for Your Enterprise: Glean's AI Assistant helps users by delivering answers, analyses, and summaries from various documents, conversations, tickets, and more. This interactive assistant allows users to have informative conversations and provides transparent referenceability, revealing the source and origin of answers. Trust and privacy are maintained as generative AI chats and results are secure, private, and permissions-aware.
  • Personalized Results and Knowledge Discovery: Glean builds a comprehensive knowledge graph for each company, understanding people, content, and interactions. This enables personalized search results, even suggesting relevant information based on users' current work, mentions, and trending topics within their team. When knowledge artifacts are missing, Glean identifies subject matter experts within the company who can provide assistance.
  • Easy to Use and Ready to Go: Glean connects seamlessly with over 100+ connectors to various apps and enforces existing permissions, ensuring data security and control. The setup process is quick, scalable, and doesn't require professional services. Glean offers hosting options that align with a company's data and security policies, providing flexibility for implementation.

Glean is trusted by leading global enterprises, spanning from startups to Fortune 50 companies, to enhance productivity and knowledge sharing among teams. With its AI-powered search capabilities, personalized results, and easy-to-use interface, Glean empowers teams to find valuable information efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and collaborate effectively across all aspects of their work.

Use Cases:

  • All teams in an organization across various departments
  • Engineering teams seeking quick access to technical documentation and information
  • Sales teams requiring comprehensive knowledge about products, customers, and market trends
  • Support teams aiming to provide prompt and accurate solutions to customer queries
  • Knowledge management teams responsible for organizing and sharing internal knowledge resources
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Glean AI tool was published in our directory on October 25, 2023. Last updated: December 8, 2023.

What people are saying about Glean

So glad you asked. 😊 Glean connects with all your company's data (emails, conversations, tickets, etc), then uses its powerful search engine to retrieve the most relevant information that LLMs can use to answer queries.…

Garry Tan 陈嘉兴 — e/acc
Garry Tan 陈嘉兴 — e/acc

Is there a RAG+LLM email search service yet? Seems kind of obviously useful. "Find all the email attachments with SAFE in the name, tag the email with SAFE. Sync and reconcile with a spreadsheet with extracted company name, amount invested and valuation cap."


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