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Unscreen AI Tool Description

Unscreen is a cutting-edge online tool designed to remove video backgrounds automatically. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and separate foreground elements from the background, allowing users to achieve clean, background-free video clips without the need for a green screen or any manual editing process.

Goodbye Greenscreen

  • Historically, achieving a transparent background in video required a green screen setup and manual chroma keying.
  • Unscreen simplifies this process, making it possible to record footage in any setting and then efficiently erase the background.

100% Automatically, without a single click

  • Unscreen offers an automated solution that requires no manual selection or editing by the user.
  • The AI analyzes the video and produces a high-quality result without the need for any interaction or adjustments.

Amazingly Accurate

  • Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to ensure precise and clean extraction of subjects from video backgrounds.
  • Designed to handle various scenarios and cope with different levels of background complexity.

Unscreen Pro Plugin

  • For professional users, Unscreen provides a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.
  • Enhances video editing workflow by enabling direct processing through the plugin and easy transfer of results to video editing software.

Features and Benefits

  • Full HD Resolution: Ensures videos are processed with the highest quality and clarity.
  • No Watermark: Pro version delivers clean videos free of Unscreen branding.
  • API + Plugins: Access to integration tools for custom workflows and software.
  • Full-Length Clips: Ability to process longer videos entirely.
  • Video File Download: Users can effortlessly download the processed video files.
  • Audio Support: Maintains the original audio track along with the foreground video content.


  • Suitable for content creators, marketers, and video producers who need quick and easy background removal.
  • Perfect for enhancing presentations, creating marketing videos, or preparing instructional content without the logistic complexity of a greenscreen setup.

Unscreen stands out for its user-friendly approach, making professional-quality background removal accessible to all levels of users, from amateurs to seasoned professionals. It is developed with focus on efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, representing a significant leap forward in video editing technology.

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Last updated: November 28, 2023.

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