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Sriya AI

Sriya AI is a platform that provides advanced AI solutions for businesses across various industries. They offer a range of AI-powered products and services that help organizations optimize their processes and drive growth.

What We Do

Sriya AI focuses on delivering AI solutions to enhance different aspects of business operations. They offer specific use-case products tailored to meet the needs of different industries and workflows. Some of their offerings include:

Forecast-to-Sales is a Sriya AI product that leverages artificial intelligence to provide accurate sales forecasting for businesses. By analyzing historical data and market trends, F2S helps organizations make informed decisions and optimize their sales strategies.

Order-to-Cash is another AI-driven product by Sriya AI. It streamlines the entire order management process, from order placement to invoice generation and payment collection. O2C enables businesses to automate and optimize their order fulfillment workflows, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction.

Products and Services

Sriya AI offers a range of AI-powered products to address specific business needs. Some of their notable products include:

Sriya ML² is a comprehensive AI platform that includes various modules to improve specific business functions. It offers solutions for Order-to-Cash, Product-to-Profits, Forecast-to-Sales, and custom AI implementations.

Sriya ML is an AI platform available in different tiers, including Starter and Advanced. It provides organizations with the tools and technologies to deploy machine learning models and leverage data-driven insights to optimize operations.

Sriya GPT is an AI language model that enables businesses to generate high-quality written content. It offers specialized modules like Prescriptions and Use Case Builder, allowing users to create tailored content for specific domains and industries.

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Sriya AI AI tool was published in our directory on November 16, 2023. Last updated: November 16, 2023.

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