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Drag Your GAN is an interactive AI tool that provides users with increased control and flexibility in manipulating generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create synthesized visual content with precise pose, shape, expression, and layout.

This tool features interactive point-based manipulation, feature-based motion supervision, point tracking with GAN features, real image manipulation, and a wide range of categories such as animals, humans, cars, and landscapes.


  • Interactive point-based manipulation
  • Feature-based motion supervision
  • Point tracking with GAN features
  • Real image manipulation
  • Wide range of categories

Use cases for Drag Your GAN include:

  • Artists and designers seeking enhanced control and flexibility in manipulating visual content
  • Researchers and developers working with GANs for image synthesis and manipulation
  • Creative professionals looking to create customized and realistic visual content
  • Media and entertainment industries exploring new possibilities for image manipulation and transformation
  • Companies and organizations utilizing AI-powered image synthesis and manipulation in their products or services.
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