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What is PimEyes?

PimEyes is a facial recognition search engine that allows users to conduct image-based searches and identify instances where their image has been used without consent.

How can you use PimEyes?

Using PimEyes, users can conduct image-based searches using facial recognition technology. By using PimEyes, users can detect instances in which their images have been shared online without their consent. Having this information is critical for reducing the risk of identity theft, catfishing, and other scams.

Users can mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities, including identity theft, catfishing, and other scams, by monitoring their digital footprint and issuing Takedown Requests to protect their privacy and security.

PimEyes offers value to individuals and organizations seeking to safeguard their online identity and reputation, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to maintain their privacy online.

Can I use PimEyes to search for other people?

PimEyes should only be used for personal purposes.


  • Face Recognition Search: Users can upload a photo and search for images containing their face. This helps in finding where the image appears online.
  • Reverse Image Search: PimEyes enhances the reverse image search by using face recognition technology. It provides results that include not only similar photos but also pictures in which a person appears with different backgrounds, people, or even different haircuts.
  • Privacy Protection: PimEyes helps users protect their privacy by allowing them to opt-out and hide their existing photos from being displayed in search results. It also offers the option to erase unwanted photos permanently from external websites.
  • Online Presence Monitoring: Users can set alerts to monitor their online presence. PimEyes sends email notifications when new results containing their face are found.
  • Copyright Infringement Audit: PimEyes serves as a tool for auditing copyright infringement by allowing users to search for their photos and track down unauthorized usage.

Use Cases

  • Individuals concerned about their online image and privacy can use PimEyes to find where their pictures appear on the internet and take necessary actions to protect their privacy.
  • Content creators and photographers can utilize PimEyes to monitor unauthorized usage of their images and enforce copyright protections.
  • Businesses and brands can use PimEyes to track the online presence of their product images, logos, or brand ambassadors and address any instances of misuse or unauthorized distribution.
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Last updated: November 27, 2023.

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