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AI Tool Description

NVIDIA LaunchPad AI is a powerful platform that offers users a hands-on experience in building AI solutions, ranging from AI-powered chatbots and sentiment analysis models to fraud detection XGBoost models.

The platform provides all of the necessary infrastructure, software and datasets; eliminating the need for users to set up their own environments or bring their own data.

NVIDIA LaunchPad AI is the go-to platform for data scientists, AI practitioners, professionals, researchers and businesses looking to accelerate their AI journey by leveraging self-paced learning, expert assistance, and offering a comprehensive and convenient platform for building AI solutions.


  • Curated labs
  • Ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Self-paced learning
  • Expert assistance
  • Access to datasets

Use Cases

  • Data scientists and AI practitioners looking to build AI solutions without the need to set up their own infrastructure.
  • Professionals and researchers seeking a hands-on experience in building AI models in various domains.
  • Businesses and organizations looking to accelerate their AI journey by leveraging curated labs and expert assistance.
  • Individuals and teams interested in learning and gaining practical experience in AI development.
  • Decision-makers who want to make informed decisions regarding infrastructure, software, and tools for AI projects.
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Last updated: July 24, 2023.

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