SapientML is an AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) technology that utilizes a corpus of existing datasets and their human-written pipelines to efficiently generate high-quality pipelines for predictive tasks on new datasets. It aims to boost the creation of AI models quickly and accurately.


  • High Speed: SapientML can generate AI models rapidly by evaluating only the most plausible machine learning pipelines, instead of exhaustively considering all combinations.
  • Transparency: The generated machine learning program contains explanations, making it easy to understand how the AI model is built.
  • High Accuracy: By leveraging past knowledge of programs used to construct highly accurate AI models, SapientML can produce models with exceptional accuracy.

Features of SapientML

Get Started

To begin using SapientML, follow these steps:

  • Install SapientML by running pip install sapientml.
  • Utilize the provided APIs to generate machine learning pipelines. For detailed instructions, refer to the Getting Started guide.


  • Title: SapientML: Synthesizing Machine Learning Pipelines by Learning from Human-Written Solutions
  • Conference: The 44th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2022)
  • Preprint:

For further documentation, visit the SapientML Documentation or explore the source code on GitHub.

Note: This description is a long version written in Markdown format, providing comprehensive information about SapientML.

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SapientML AI tool was published in our directory on September 30, 2023. Last updated: October 9, 2023.

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