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Vectara is an AI-powered conversational search platform geared towards recent news searches across various sources using natural language queries. With best-in-class retrieval and summarization capabilities, Vectara offers a free-to-use conversational search API platform that is particularly suitable for developers. In addition, Vectara offers a wide range of use cases, including filtering news, data-related questions, and natural language querying.

Key Features:

  • Conversational search
  • Free API platform
  • Best-in-class retrieval and summarization
  • Grounded Generation
  • Data-related questions and querying
  • API Integration
  • Documentation and Support.

With its robust API platform and focus on natural language queries, Vectara empowers developers to leverage the latest advancements in AI-powered search, thereby enabling users to streamline their search process.


  • Natural language querying
  • API integration
  • Conversational search
  • Documentation and support
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