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AI Tool Description

Perplexity AI is an innovative demo AI search engine inspired by OpenAI WebGPT, designed to provide accurate answers to complex questions.

The tool is powered by advanced AI and large language models, which allow it to handle a wide range of queries. It also boasts a natural language understanding feature, which helps it interpret user inputs for specific and relevant answers.
Perplexity AI provides support via Twitter, Discord, or email, making internal data searches an effortless endeavour.

Potential uses of this platform include:

  • Students and researchers seeking accurate answers to complex questions
  • Professionals looking to improve their knowledge in specific domains
  • General users wanting a powerful tool to help answer their questions


  • Large language models
  • Natural language understanding
  • Support

Disclaimer: Please note that Perplexity AI is not liable for any offensive or dangerous content generated by the engine.

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Last updated: November 2, 2023.

What people are saying about Perplexity AI

Replying to @rowancheung

AI startup Perplexity just announced two new in-house chatbots — pplx-7b and pplx-70b. Fine-tuned on open-source, the models have improved chat and human-like text generation skills.…


We’re excited to announce two models we’ve been training in-house: pplx-7b-chat and pplx-70b-chat! Both these models are built on top of open-source LLMs and fine-tuned for chat. They are available as an alpha release, via Labs and pplx-api. Try it out:


An example of how the best products get the little things right, via @perplexity_ai: I'm doing user research for a new business and wanted to have AI analyze a bunch of PDFs. To do this in ChatGPT would require me to (i) install a plugin, (ii) upload the PDFs online, and then…


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