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What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is an advanced AI-powered platform that empowers creators to generate production-quality visual assets for their creative projects. With unprecedented quality, speed, and style-consistency, Leonardo AI revolutionizes the process of creating stunning visual content.


  • Production-Quality Asset Generation: Leonardo AI utilizes AI-driven algorithms to generate high-quality visual assets for various projects.
  • Originality: Cultivate your own unique artistic style using pre-trained AI models or train your own models to generate distinctive art.
  • Simplified Mastery: Leonardo AI offers an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly grasp and master the creation of exquisite content.
  • Innovation Turbocharge: Speed up your ideation process by conceptualizing, iterating, and experimenting at lightning speed.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Leonardo AI is suitable for a wide range of projects including character design, game assets, concept art, graphic design, fashion, marketing, advertising, product photography, architecture, interior design, and more.


Leonardo AI provides the following powerful toolkit to enhance creative capabilities:

  • Image Generation: Envision the extraordinary and redefine the impossible by utilizing the transformative power of Leonardo AI's Image Generation tool. Customize settings to bring your concepts to life.
  • AI Canvas: Perfect every pixel of your designs with the immersive creative process offered by Leonardo AI's AI Canvas. Enjoy robust editing functions and complete control over your creations.
  • 3D Texture Generation: Breathe life into 3D assets like never before. Leonardo AI's 3D Texture Generation tool allows you to upload OBJ files, generate textures with contextual intelligence, and download enriched files tailored for diverse applications.

Leonardo's Fine-Tuned Models

Leonardo AI proudly presents a range of fine-tuned models designed to unlock new creative horizons. These models, like Dreamshaper V7, offer incredible artistic versatility across different styles.

With Leonardo AI, creators can unleash their creativity and effortlessly generate professional-grade visual assets that meet their unique requirements. Whether you are a designer, artist, marketer, or architect, Leonardo AI empowers you to bring your creative vision to life with speed, precision, and unparalleled style-consistency.

Platform Overview

  • The Featured models highlights various image generation models, you can select one and begin creating images with it yourself.
  • The Community Feed is constantly updated with user creations. Here you can keep up with the latest Trending, New, and Top Images.
  • Public images also show you what prompts and settings were used to create them. Use these for inspiration!
  • Share your own creations and contribute to our global community.

What is Leaonardo AI Image Generation?

  • Use text, image prompts, or image to image to create new 2D images.
  • Explore features like Leonardo Alchemy and Prompt Magic v2.
  • Post-process your images with features like upscaling, unzooming, background removal, or transfer them to the Canvas for refined control.
  • Struggling to come up with prompt ideas? Use our LLM-powered Prompt Generation feature.

What is Leonardo AI Canvas?

  • Refine and perfect your images using our AI-powered canvas.
  • Extend, mask, replace, and erase elements infinitely and effortlessly.
  • Regenerate and finesse specific areas of an image to achieve your desired output.

What is Leonardo Image AI model Training?

  • Train Custom Models, Texture 3D Models, and more!
  • Train your own AI models with as few as 10-20 images.
  • Explore other models on the platform in the Finetuned Models tab.
  • Texture 3D models with a text prompt in the Texture Generation tab.
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Last updated: October 9, 2023.

What people are saying about Leonardo.Ai

The image generator @LeonardoAi_ is my go-to AI tool; everything you see on my profile was created using it. With the new 'Elements' feature, it is now easier than ever to add different styles to your creations. This is my super cute avatar self, existing in parallel universes.

Replying to @ogbonna1977

Introducing Leonardo AI, a game changer in the world of AI tools. "Creating an account on Leonardo AI is a breeze. Just input your name and email address, and you're good to go. No need to complete any surveys or forms. Simply click 'start using Leonardo' and log in.

Replying to @LeonardoAi_

Let's say you want to create a larger 2D game area, in-painting works great for this use case. We threw together a very quick example in under 10 minutes, using a few of these assets. This will all be doable on the Leonardo platform, alpha opening soon (DM us!). So, what next?


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